Friday, 5 April 2013

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Happy Feet

One of your baby's favorite toys is his feet! They're soft and wiggly, and close at hand. And they feel funny when they're touched! Have fun with Happy Feet as you combine nursery rhymes with toe touching.


  • Soft blanket
  • Words to songs and nursery rhymes
  • Your fingers and your baby's toes


  • Choose a favorite nursery rhyme that can be played with your baby's feet and toes.
  • Lay your baby on a soft blanket and kneel beside him so you can reach his feet.
  • Play one of the following Happy Feet games:

This Little Piggy

        This little piggy went to market, (wiggle the big toe)
        This little piggy stayed home, (wiggle the second toe)
        This little piggy had roast beef, (wiggle the third toe)
        This little piggy had none, (wiggle the fourth toe)
        And this little piggy cried, "Wee, wee, wee!" all the way home! (wiggle the baby toe)

Gobble Gobble

        Wee wiggle, (wiggle baby toe)
        Two tickle, (wiggle next toe)
        Three giggle, (wiggle next toe)
        Four sniggle, (wiggle next toe)
        Five-gobble! (pretend to gobble up your baby's foot)

Pitty Pat Pony

        Pitty pat pony, (pat the soles of your baby's feet)
        Look at her toes. (hold baby's feet and wiggle them)
        Here a nail, there a nail, (poke the bottom of baby's feet)
        Gid-up and go! (pat the soles of your baby's feet again)


Don't tickle your baby too much. As you probably know from personal experience, excessive tickling becomes uncomfortable.

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