Friday, 5 April 2013

1 Month Play & Learn Activities ( )

Tootsie Roll

Your baby needs months to gain full control of her body movements, but you can assist her during those early weeks with a game of Tootsie Roll. By four to six months your baby will have mastered the rollover!


Soft blanket or towel
Soft floor surface


Place a soft blanket or towel on a soft surface.
Lay your baby down on the blanket, on her tummy.
Pick up one side of the blanket and slowly raise it, causing your baby to tilt to the side.
Continue to slowly roll your baby over, talking to her as you go, and using a hand to spot or guide her as she turns.
When your baby turns over, show your delight.
Repeat until your baby is tired of playing.


Be sure to move slowly and keep a hand on your baby so she doesn't roll too fast and get hurt.

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