Friday, 5 April 2013

1 Month Play & Learn Activities ( )

Finger Face

From birth, your baby prefers to look at a human face above all other objects. Something about the eyes, nose, and mouth attracts your baby's attention. Finger Face is based on that fascination.


  • Knit glove
  • Scissors
  • Your hand
  • Colorful felt-tip pens


  • Cut the fingers off a knit glove.
  • Using felt-tip pens, draw a face in the middle of the glove's palm. Make the eyes and mouth large, bright, and colorful.
  • Slip the glove onto your hand.
  • Hold your baby in your lap and turn the glove face toward him.
  • Now wiggle your fingers and move the face around slowly so your baby can enjoy his new Finger Face friend, who can help you sing songs, tell stories, or just chat.


If your baby gets ahold of the Finger Face, he will probably put it right into his mouth, so make sure you use non-toxic felt-tip pens.

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